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ProTech Services is your source for live event staging and roof rentals.Live Event Staging by ProTech Services


With the right stage, you can turn any venue into a showcase for talent.  The question becomes, “Which stage is right for your event?”  That’s where we come in.  Using different types of stages, and stage components, we can customize the height, length, width, and shape of your stage, incorporating stairs, railings, or multiple levels to add extra dimensions to your show.

We can build a solid stage across sand or uneven terrain, and make sure that your stage is ready to withstand whatever you plan to throw at it – whether it’s rows of dignitaries being honored, or rows of amplifiers.

The stage set-up you’d choose for a high profile tournament might not be right for a high flying cheerleading competition – But we can make sure that whatever your event, you’re standing on solid ground.

We also have certified, ANSI rated roofing systems for outdoor events that need cover. And remember, we’re the safe guys.

Let us know what you have planned, and we can help you get exactly what you need!



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