Pro Audio Gear

Professional Sound, Dynamic Lighting, Custom Staging and Roofs

It doesn’t just sound like we know what we’re talking about – It sounds like professional audio equipment, and comes with a team of qualified sound engineers ready to back you up.  Got a question, or just feel like playing “Stump the Expert?”  Give us a call – We’ll help you decide exactly what you need, and we’ll make sure that you get it at a price that is competitive with any other source for professional audio equipment.

We pride ourselves on knowing the audio gear we sell backwards and forward, and being able to provide service that a big-box store simply can’t compare with.

The Professionals at Protech Services have extensive knowledge of professional sound, stage, and lighting gear. We're here to help! Complete the form below and let us know what you are looking for and we'll find you the best price and even give you some comparable options you might not have thought about to help stretch your money.

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